Sugar Bush

~ Merry Lea Sugar Bush Program is Discontinued

After more than two decades of sugaring programs, Larry Yoder has expressed his desire to adjust maple sugaring at the Yoder Farm to better fit the time and energy that he and other members of the Yoder Family currently have available for this activity.  After carefully considering alternatives, the Yoder Family and Merry Lea's educators have, with great regret,  concluded that it is best to discontinue the Sugar Bush program. We are grateful for the rich educational experience the Yoder family helped us bring to some 30,000 students over two generations in the past 25 years of this collaborative effort.

We hasten to assure you that this change does not mean that the Yoder family will discontinue sugaring or that the farm and sugar bush are threatened in any way.  It provides the opportunity for the family to downsize their operation to better fit their family’s needs going forward.

Over the months ahead, Merry Lea’s educators will develop alternative curricula to be offered at Merry Lea and in schools. We will be reviewing our short and long-term programming goals and will be working with teachers like you to determine what will be most valuable to you.

The education staff at Merry Lea are interested in knowing topics and programming structures that can support your teaching goals and value your input on these things. Here are some questions to spark your thinking. Feel free to email us with your input.  (Contact Carol at or call at 260-799-5869) 

What aspects of Sugar Bush kept you coming back for it year after year?

Would you be interested in coming to Merry Lea for a program?

Would you be interested in having Merry Lea educators bring a program to your school?

What topics would you find it helpful for us to teach either at your school or at Merry Lea?


We will keep you informed about these new resources as they are developed.

It has been a pleasure for us at Merry Lea to conduct the Sugar Bush program with the Yoder family and to serve educators and students in this way.