Merry Lea Sustainable Farm


Location and Directions:

To find Merry Lea Sustainable Farm, follow directions on the Merry Lea directions page to Rieth Village where this is parking and easy access to the farm fields, gardens, and buildings.  The address is the same as the Rieth Village physical address: 4415 W. CR 200 S, Albion IN 46701.


About the farm:

The Merry Lea Sustainable Farm is an educational farm demonstrating sustainable agriculture practices for students and the visiting public.  It serves not only the Agroecology Summer Intensive, but also Merry Lea's K-12 programs, the Masters in Environmental Education program, public programs and the wider community.  The farm is located just south of Wolf Lake, IN in a glaciated part of northeast Indiana.  We welcome you to come visit. 


Volunteering at Merry Lea Sustainable Farm:

Interested in getting outdoors and some soil under your nails?  Come volunteer at Merry Lea! Check out this video about one volunteer's experience.  Contact Maria Tice at to to learn more and get started.  There is a form to fill out.   


To find out the latest happenings at Merry Lea Sustainable Farm, visit our Facebook page and the Agroecology Blog.  Otherwise, keep reading our more general descriptions below.  



Farm Setting and Acreage:



Our farm comprises nearly ten acres, scattered over several fields near the northeast corner of the Merry Lea property. 


The main farm, including our offices, are at Rieth Village, located off of CR 200 S (Bear Lake Rd.).  Production fields are adjacent to woodlands, meadows and wetlands.  



Collaborative Projects and Research:


One of the farm's newest projects coming up in Spring 2014 is the establishment of a five-acre "woody perennial polyculture" planting just south of Rieth Village on Merry Lea property.  As a research project with Savannah Institute based in Illinois, this project at Merry Lea will involve the planting of mixed species of understory perennials like rhubarb and asparagus, bramble and shrub fruits, vine fruits (grapes and hardy kiwi), fruit trees, and nut trees.  Rows will be separated by strips of grass that someday will be grazed by livestock.  We intend for this mixed planting to showcase the benefits of diversified, perennial agricultural systems where both botanical crops and animals are raised together.  We at Merry Lea Sustainable Farm aim to demonstrate how diversified farms can make efficient use of limited space, reduce risk of crop failure, and encourage biodiversity.  Stay tuned as we approach planting in April or May.



What We Produce 


Merry Lea Sustainable Farm is a small, diversified farm.  At the present, we raise:

  • Vegetables and herbs (organically managed, and includes many heirloom varieties)
  • Tree fruit (apple, plum, cherry, peach, pear, serviceberry, and pawpaw in the future)
  • Berries (raspberry and blackberry, primarily)
  • Tree nuts (trees are in very early stages of establishment)
  • Shiitake mushrooms (cultivated on logs)
  • Poultry (chickens for meat and for eggs)
  • Pigs (in spring of 2015)



Where We Market


As the farm began, produce raised on the farm was used almost exclusively for Merry Lea programs and made available to students in residence, as well as donations to nearby food pantries.  This has continued in subsequent years. 


Our fruit and vegetables have been marketed to the Goshen Farmers Market, Maple City Market (Goshen), Pizzeria Venturi (Goshen), and to Goshen College food services as well as to students. staff, and faculty at the Goshen College campus.  Food donations have been made to The Window in Goshen and to the Wolf Lake Food Pantry. 


We remain open to new markets in 2015 and beyond.